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So your ready to save the world?


Its time for a transformation….

You are here, because something inside you is ready to change. You feel this electric energy pulsating through your body, your mind is filled with endless possibilities on how to share your gifts and your soul aches for a real transformation. This is because you are a Magical One and are remembering who you really are, on the inside. Yet, the world has denied, suppressed, abandoned, rejected, persecuted and banished the most precious part of you. What you are seeking is guidance, permission, acceptance, community and power to choose a world that YOU want to belong too. By joining the monthly Magic Membership you will learn how to activate your creative mindset, transform your subconscious patterns, learn the MAGIC FORMULA for radical living and meet your soul tribe to start a Inner Revolution for the new world!


Join me on my transformation journey where I share my story about how I changed my life forever.


During my journey I discovered the tools of Astrology, Tarot, Sound Healing and Ritual. Through my personal and client experiences we have the power to transformation your story!


Learn how we can empower your life with the tools of transformation and to coach you through your journey.

Subscribe to The Magic Podcast and tune in every Magic Monday for the Weekly Moon Cycle Forecast and Moon Rituals to empower your life with the MOON!

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Subscribe to the Magic Podcast

The Magic Podcast is teaching the tools of transformation and how to live everyday magic. Join Nicole Marie a Transformation Catalyst + Coach every week for the Weekly Moon Cycle Forecast to learn how to empower your life with the MOON. Along with special episodes exploring the tools of Mythical Psychology, Archetypal Astrology, and Ritual Storytelling to embody a life of MAGIC!

Enjoy connecting to the Daily Moon energy with a Tarot reading with me on Nicole Marie

Be Brave, dear Hearts for we are in a time of great transformation and just know that I am a message away!