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You are here for a reason, someone or something told you about me and a curious spark of light as lead you to this page. As you know, I love the tools of Astrology, Tarot, Sound Healing and Ritual and would love to share these tools with you NOW! Below are some of my favorite readings for my first time clients!


Know Your Story

In our 90-minute session we will use the transformation tools of Astrology, Tarot, Life Story Coach and NLP. Together we begin looking at your Natal Chart and discover who you are and how you came to evolve. We look at your natural gifts and talents, challenges, career, relationships and your Life Purpose. The Life Purpose Tarot reading will reveal the soul of who you are and how to embody this self into everyday life. We will be able to answer all those BIG life questions and confirm your souls intuition. Your Session includes:

  • Natal Chart Interpretation to learn about who you are

  • Life Purpose Tarot Card

  • PDF of Natal Chart and Report

  • Mp3 File of recorded session

Available Online or in Person (Local to Berlin, Germany)

Single Session - 90 Minutes - €180

Plan for Success, Create Change and Manifest Goals - Ongoing Support


This is where the Magic happens! In our ongoing sessions, we will be able to look at your goals, issues and emotional stories and consult the cosmos on your current life lessons and how to overcome them. We will bring in all my favorite tools of transformation to design a perfect life style package to support you on your journey. This is a 6 month commitment towards building trust in yourself, establishing strong boundaries, living your truth and empowering your life choices.

Transformation Coaching Includes:

  • Astrology Transit Reading for planning your monthly schedule for success.

  • LifeCoaching with Tarot to empower your life choices.

  • Reprogramming Cells with Sound Healing for self care and stress management

  • Moon Rituals to transform subconscious programs and to live a new story.

Available Online or in Person (Local to Berlin, Germany)

Discuss package prices together!


Coaching with the MOON

Now is your chance, to dive into the power of the moon to transform, heal and support your soul’s evolution. The Moon represents our subconscious mind, the hidden self and the lens in which we perceive life. In this MoonWork Coaching, every month you will get personal astrological guidance on how each New and Full Moon will be affecting your life and a specially designed ritual to empower you during the lunar cycle.

The MoonWork Coaching includes:

  • Two 30-Minute One-on-One Sessions with me before or during each lunar event

  • Interpretation of your personal astrological aspects for each New and Full Moon

  • A personal Lunar Ritual designed to guide you to transform, heal and manifest your goals

  • Weekly MoonScopes for your Rising sign to help you plan for success!

Available Online or in Person (Local to Berlin, Germany)

Monthly Subscription - €45

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Now its time to Transformation! All you have to do is take the leap and choose a session from above and follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Pay online through paypal or stripe

Step 2 - Schedule your appointment with our integrated booking system

Step 3 - Receive a Zoom link for our live session together.


What Clients are saying about our work together!

Working with the Moon has transformed my life! I feel empowered in my business and life choices. I’m so grateful for this work and for Nicole, guiding me during my process. Such a gift!”
— Gayle M.
Ritual has changed my life. I am now the witchy self I have always wanted to be! I’m so grateful I found Nicole and got a chance to work with her personally and to learn about her magical techniques for ritual.
— Mike S.
Not sure where I would be without this monthly guidance. Perhaps, lost, insecure, and full of anxiety like I was before I discovered the power of the moon. I didn’t know anything about astrology or ritual before I started but now after a year of MoonWork rituals with Nicole, I feel like a Queen of the Moon! I feel so blessed. Thank you, Thank you, thank you!
— Ruby W.
Nicole is such an amazing teacher. She makes astrology and all these esoteric concepts practical and relatable. She is funny, kind and powerful, I always leave feeling like I can conquer the world!
— Tanja N.

Its time to take a leap and begin your transformation journey! The world is shifting and is calling for us to be responsible for our gifts, soul purpose and planet. Time to join the Inner Revolution!