Time to Shine: Full Moon in Libra - April 2019

Now that the battle has been won and we have been busy making steps towards achieving our goals, it’s time to celebrate. On April 19th 2019 there will be a Full Moon in Libra to show us that all our hard work was worth it. We may not have finished everything on our do list but there has been major improvements that should be acknowledged and plenty of gratitude to go around on this magical day.

There will be much to celebrate but there is still work to be done, for this Full Moon will cause a sudden change to our emotional world. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of relationships, so we will become aware of what’s not working in our personal and professional relationships. Mercury will conjunct Chiron, making this a sensitive time to have important conversations and to dig deeper into core issues. Mercury the planet of communication and Chiron, the wounded healer will have to work together to heal old wounds and to find a new story about our past. Venus reminds us of what truly matters when developing partnerships and teaches us how we love. Everyone loves differently, so when we choose our partners it’s important to understand what they need and how to support each other’s growth.

The Moon will also conjunct Uranus and a change of heart about a project or a person in our life will surface. Uranus is about sudden change and surprises, which can happen by outer experience or inner revelations. So this is a time to take serious evaluation on what truly matters and how to fulfill this desire. Full Moon energy brings endings to cycles and is a profound time to look at what habit, belief or relationship that no longer serves the bigger story of our life. Relationships can bring up our shadows and the places in ourselves that we need to love, accept and cherish. The best way to use this full moon energy is to forgive the people that have wronged us and ourselves for only now learning the lesson. Spend time with loved ones under this healing moon by share ways to develop the relationship and making new commitments to each other.

Full Moon Mantra

I believe in you,

I believe in me

I believe in the powers that be

Full Moon Ritual

This weekend holds the final steps to what needs to be released so you can step fully into a new life. We honor the Goddess Ostara during this time of rebirth and calling in what needs to be born in our lives. Spend time under this powerful Full Moon writing a letter to your past, thanking it for all the lessons, pain, joy and failures, Share this letter with a loved one and once all has been spoke, burn the letter together. After releasing this back to Spirit get up and dance, move, and allow your body to speak to you on what wants to be born for the season ahead! Speak this vision to others and make sure to write it down and keep it on your altar! Whispering the words “So mote it be” every day!

Nicole Marie is a Astrologer + Transformation Coach using the tools of transformation. By working with Astrology, Tarot, Sound Healing and Ritual we can reprogram your life and change your story. Working with clients all around the world and supporting them in business, relationships and all things magic! Learn more nicolemarie.eu

Nicole O'Byrne