Back to Love: Full Moon in Libra

Back to Love: Full Moon in Libra

After that powerful New Moon energy and all that inner work, we are ready to step out into the world. On March 20th we will celebrate both the Spring Equinox and the Full Moon in Libra. Winter has finally passed and we feel reborn as the Sun moves into Aries for Spring. The seed we planted at Imbolc has grown and now is the time to take action in pursuing our dream.

The air is filled with possibility and we are willing to take risks in order to achieve our goals. Aries lives from his instincts, follows his intuitive impulses and thrives in endless opportunities of growth. This Full Moon in Libra, will remind us of our passions and who we truly love. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, relationships and our creative talents. With all this light and fire, we will be reminded of how to trust our instincts when it comes to creative impulses and to cut ties with relationships that don’t support us.

We will feel tension between our Hero and Lover archetype in our relationships. The Hero feels that he is alone and is not willing to sacrifice his ambitions to meet another persons needs. While the Lover has a strong sense of her goals and ambitions and knows that relationships are how they will be achieved. The Hero can only go so far on his journey before he needs the support of the Elder, Maiden and his villain because without them he would never get to return home to himself. This Full Moon will be a time to heal, transform and empower ourselves through relationships. Take time to be surrounded by loved ones and share each others pain, unconditional love and gratitude for their gifts in our life.

Full Moon Mantra

You who are the source of all power,

who’s rays illuminate the world

illuminate also my heart

so that it too may do your work

Full Moon Ritual

Go outside today and welcome in Spring! Face the sun and open up your chest and arms and repeat the Full Moon Mantra 3 times. In the evening time, sit under the full moon and ask her what needs to be done during this seasonal shift? How do you honor your talents? What tasks do you need to achieve to fulfill your souls desire. Write it all down in your journal and spend time in silence in order to receive your moon messages. When you have written them all down, kiss your paper and place a seed within the paper. When you have finished, go outside and plant this paper into the ground, along with the seed. Put it close to your home or a park that you visit almost everyday. Let this place be a reminder on your daily walk of what the moon is gifting you this season.

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