Super Full Moon in Virgo - February 19th 2019

Time for a powerful cleanse of both body and mind. Under this powerful Super Full Moon in Virgo on February 19th 2019 we will be ready to release old habits for new ones, old lifestyles for more active ones. It’s time to get back to the body and start getting ready for spring.

Virgo, is known as the Maiden, a earth goddess who is ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the Gods. She communicates with nature, she feels the mother earth running through her blood and embodies the natural laws. She is able to listen to the messages of her body, when she gets stressed her stomach gets upset, when she is tired she gets irritated and grumpy. These are signs when Virgo has given too much of her own spirit and hasn’t received enough life force energy. The body is the messenger of our energy, the field in which we absorb information. The body can often be the last to know when something is out of balance, this is why we work on every level of body, mind, emotions and energy.

Spend time under this powerful Super Moon detoxing from the world and do a great act of self care. In order for us to be capable of being of service to the greater good and work our everyday magic we must tend to the body. Virgo wants to cleanse and spend time listening to her body, so going to the spa, attending a sound bath journey, meditating or going out for a dance is the best way to celebrate. Take a moment to write down or speak to someone about gratitude and all the blessings happening in life. Speak about how to create more sustainability in personal lives, communities or globally. The more we take care of our body, this vessel for creativity, can we live in better relationship to nature and our greater self.

Full Moon Mantra

I honor what lives within me,

I let go of what no longer serves me

I live a life of purpose, abundance and magic!

Full Moon Ritual

Its hard to be grateful when things feel like their not going your way. With this Virgo energy you may be disappointed by yourself and others for not living up to your highest standards. What if you could find away to accept people for who they are and for you to be a more gentle towards yourself. Spend the entire day, writing out your negative thoughts, judgements or criticism. With every “bad” thing you write down, write an opposing statement that could help you change your perspective. If you need help finding a new sentence or feeling, say this “Heal my perception of….” and wait for an answer! At the end of the day, burn the list of all your negative thoughts and let the ashes float up into the full moon saying “And so it is, Blessed be” Make sure to keep your positive list on your altar or daily journal!

Nicole Marie is a Astrologer + Coach using the tools of transformation. By working with Astrology, Tarot, Sound Healing and Ritual we can reprogram your life and change your story. Working with clients all around the world and supporting them in business, relationships and all things magic!