New Opportunity: New Moon in Aries - April 2019

We made it! We are finally out of the murky Pisces waters, moved past the intense Mercury retrograde and are slowly integrating the Uranus in Taurus major shifts. March was not easy for most and many of us had to face some deep wounds or painful awakenings to the truth. We had to dive into our emotional world in order to find our buried treasure and to learn to trust our gifts. Now that we have traveled deep, we are ready to emerge back into the world for the New Moon in Aries on April 5th 2019.

We are now in the fire season, with Aries ruling the Sun causing Spring to arrive and our inner fire to ignite. We feel the desire to be seen, to generate more revenue, to share our ideas and take actions on our goals. The deep winter prepared us for this time of rebirth, we have shed the old life, habits and beliefs to emerge once more as the Fool. Aries is the beginning of the zodiac and often is seen as the Fool beginning his journey through the cosmos. He lives by his instincts and follows his intuition, he is childlike and curious about the possibility of everything! Yet, on every Fool’s journey he will have to face Authority and battle his own Death.

The two most powerful planets, Saturn and Pluto will square the Moon, making us deal with our own issues of authority and death. We will become aware of our limitations and responsibilities to everyday life and to learn how to release outmoded identities in order to evolve. Saturn acts like the authoritative father disciplining us to make our dreams practical and reminding us of our strength by overcoming our obstacles. Pluto represents the soul and urges us to move beyond our ego mind which often feels like a death but moves us to connect to our bigger purpose. This is the part of the journey, where we have to overcome great obstacles in order to become the hero of our own story.

It may feel like a inner battle going on during this New Moon but it will be worth the fight. This is our chance to prove to ourselves that we can achieve our goals no matter what we may have to face. That with a brave heart and a curious soul we can lead ourselves to victory. Take time under this dark moon, to whisper a deep heart desire for the world and to make a action plan on how to achieve it. We have done our inner work and now it’s time to go out and shine!

New Moon Mantra

I am me

You are me

We are everything

New Moon Ritual

Under this dark moon, light a red candle. I want you to imagine all the pain in your life, all the suffering and start dancing it out in front of the flames. Let it ALL out with every move, shout, cry, scream and shake everything OUT! After you feel complete, lay on the ground and imagine all the pain flow out of you and back into the earth. After you feel empty rise up once again and face this flame and whisper “what is my hearts desire for this next lunar cycle” Allow the messages to move into your 5 senses, once you feel you received this message write it down or whisper it out loud than BLOW out the candle repeating 3 times “Blessed be”

Nicole Marie is a Astrologer + Transformation Coach using the tools of transformation. By working with Astrology, Tarot, Sound Healing and Ritual we can reprogram your life and change your story. Working with clients all around the world and supporting them in business, relationships and all things magic! Learn more

Nicole O'Byrne