Self Empowerment - Root Chakra

Self Empowerment - Root Chakra

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Begin your own Self Transformation Journey by working with the Chakra System. The ancients believed that each chakra holds the key to opening the doorways to our cosmic self. All of our life stories and experiences are held within the each Chakra and often is where we hold old fears, trauma, beliefs and stories that no longer serve us. It’s time to start living your magic and manifesting your hearts desires, so get to the Root of the problem by diving deep into your Chakra’s!

Each Chakra Package includes

Chakra Worksheet

Chakra Guided Meditation with Sound Healing Frequecies

Daily Devotion Practice

Be the change needed for the world by embodying your cosmic self!

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Did you know that every month that I donate a part of my personal earnings to one of my favorite charities! So by you transforming yourself, you are part of transforming the world!

This Month’s Charity is the amazing TREE SISTERS, who is planting trees along the Equator to help change our current climate crisis. Their goal is to plant over a billion trees this year!