Terms & Policies


Confidentiality POLICY:


Our sessions are sacred and do not leave this space. You can trust, that I will not expose any personal or vulnerable material to the outside world. If any of your experiences or stories are powerful for me to share with the collective consciousness, than I will ask for your permission first and will also never give your real name or any indications of your true personality to anyone. However, if I feel that you might be a danger to yourself or others, I must alert the proper authorities or family members. I honor, protect and hold your soul sacred while we work together, so please trust that I am here to support, to empower and to guide you on your journey.


Please give 24hour notice for cancellations. If there is an emergency situations, please in form me as soon as you can with further options to reschedule our session.


My sessions and services are here to empower your decisions. I am not a medical doctor or clinical therapists and will not give any medical prescriptions. Please consult your doctor about any dietary or nutritional suggestions I may give during sessions. I believe you are a responsible and mindful individual and take your healing path seriously, so I trust that you will decide what is good for you and what is not.